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December 04, 2012



Jesus is the reason for the season.

Our boys (now grown men) gave us a surprise Christmas celebration by woke us up on Christmas morning and gave us a deck of 3x5 index cards filled with instructions to the little hidden treasures through out the house. They instructed us that while we parents hunt for the treasures, they hunt us down with no-longer-in-use rolled up 'holey-socks' as 'bullets'. When any one of us got hit, we need to resurrect ourself by doing certain number of push-ups or jumping jacks...I'll never forget the love, the laughter we shared that morning. The Christmas morning of THAT year when we moved across states twice, and within a town once...when the boxes are still half unpacked and I as the mother, did not yet feel up to have a Christmas.

I did not feel worthy of all the LOVE God poured down through our dear children and the gentle spirit of my husband. Without Him we would not be the same!

Jesus is the reason we are here!

Merry Christmas!

Rebecca Collins

We remember the true meaning of Christmas by reading the Christmas story in Luke 2, and singing our favorite Christmas carols, celebrating the birth of our Savior!


We celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by reading the Christmas story in Luke every Christmas Eve.


Oh there is no separation of the celebrating the true meaning of Christmas from other Christmas! It all points to the gift of Jesus. We have learned the value of Advent in our Christmas celebrating too. Along with waiting for celebrating Jesus' first coming, we can talk about how we're waiting for the 2nd coming! We do our advent readings, Christmas children's books, and a 'giving tree' where we are trying to do 1 thing/day for others. Reminding us that Christmas was about God's giving to US! All our 'gifts' to others we talk about the JOY in giving like God's joy in giving to Jesus for US!


We have each kid make their own shoebox for Operation Christmas child, and we either do an advent tree or jesse tree. And my preschoolers love to dress us as Mary and Joseph and act out the Christmas story all December.

Heather Stanghellini

My girls know the whole season is about Jesus' birth. We have an advent wreath that we use each night with prayers. Our nativity sets are not "hands-off" and the girls can touch and play with them. We celebrate special seasonal events like the annual Christmas pageant at religious education....and my girls are singing the songs all month :-)


We focus on giving to others and try not to get caught up in the excess. We also have a nativity scene and read the Christmas story. We have also done 3 gifts in the past to symbolize the 3 gifts the wisemen brought Jesus.

Tonya Granger

We celebrate Christmas by remembering the true meaning. We take time to talk to our kids about Jesus birthday and what he did for us.

Angie Harvey

We set out a nativity set and use it as a way to tell about the true meaning of Christmas. We seem to have a lot of talks about Jesus' birthday in the car! We always enjoy our Christmas church services too.

Ana Noser

We attend a candlelight service and scripture reading from Luke and spend time with my husband's big Polish/Czech family enjoy the family recipe polish sausage and lots more of over 45 people and exchange a white elephant gift and give each child a gift form their grandparents. It's a time of great joy and lots of laughter. We do everything short of breaking into the polka dancing... But it has been known to happen.

Andrea M Wernz

My family and I remember the true meaning of Christmas by attending our church service and by prayer and thanksgiving. What a season and what a wonderful holiday to lead into the greatest one of all: Easter!

Rick Rucker

We spend a lot of time at church. Church is a big priority. We attend many Christmas services. Our children sing on stage with other children. We also make a birthday cake for baby Jesus. We read about Jesus and the nativity in many of our kids' Christmas books. We buy gifts for Operation Christmas child, provide gifts for our inner city homeless mission, and provide food for the local food pantry. We stress giving to others and how Jesus is what Christmas is about.

Dayna Kinner

We have 4 Nativity Sets at our house & use them as a way to talk about the true meaning of Christmas often with our children. We also make a birthday cake for Jesus & read the Christmas story (usually from Matthew) on Christmas morning.

Reagan Faust

I re-told Jesus' birth story to our kids as I set out our nativity scene. As I unwrapped each person, I explained their part in Jesus' story. We also have a 'Little People' play nativity which our kids LOVE to play with. We only get it out at Christmas time, so it is a favorite every year.

Tanya Hyatt

We don't celebrate any other meaning except the birth of a Savior! This year is 1 gift per person on Christmas morning. Also we are serving orphans in our area through www.lovegave.com/hope this weekend. The whole family is involved in working and promoting the event where the focus is not on us but on others.

Lisa Friesen

We read the Christmas story on Christmas morning and have started reading the book, The Three Trees, before Christmas to help emphasize the true meaning of Christmas. We also have a manger set up in our living room.

Donna Dear

Christmas morning we always read the Christmas story and have birthday cake for breakfast and song happy birthday to Jesus. We have also done several other things to help such as Proclamation ornaments, Lords Supper, Christmas Eve service. This year is extra special with our new daughter from China. This will be her first official Christmas with us. We were in China last year at Christmas, so we are definitely looking forward to it this year.

Ashley Stinson

We are doing "Truth In The Tinsel" with our son for Advent and it focuses on the Christmas story--making a new ornament each day that reflects the scripture we study. Love it so far!


We enjoy our Christmas Eve service at our church. That always sets the tone for the real meaning of Christmas.


I really want to see this movie!!!!


We don't have kids yet. So we haven't had the task of raising children in this age of commercialism. But for us, remembering and honoring Jesus' birth is of utmost importance. We will often read passages from the Bible about Mary, Joseph & Jesus. For us, remembering the "true" meaning of Christmas is not just a Christmas-time occasion but a year round occasion.


We support a lot of charities that require purchasing items (food and clothing) as opposed to writing checks. As our son is getting older (now age 4) and understands the concept of giving, we include him in shopping, wrapping (if applicable) and delivering the items to the various charities. We use every occasion to explain to him what we're doing and why we're doing it, and to tell him about Jesus' love for us and what His birth meant for humankind.

Allie B

We do an advent reading of some kind--this year it's the Jesus Storybook Bible, and we're loving it.

Kathy V

We read the story of Jesus' birth on Christmas Eve and sing happy birthday to Jesus at breakfast, on Christmas morning.


A birthday cake for Jesus.

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